After-Sale service

After-Sale service for Home Solar Power Systems

YUNNAN YAOCHUANG ENERGY DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. ensure that our products is produced according to ISO9000 strictly, and we give the quality warrantee to our customers as follows:

1.We ensure that our products will be tested strictly before sale, and 100% is qualified

2.Home solar power systems is inclusive of solar panels, solar battery, solar charge controller and solar inverters, the warrantee time as follows:

2.1 The warrantee time of solar panels: 5 years.

Solar panels is the main part of home solar power systems, which will generate the current under the sunshine and change the sunshine to electric, usually, solar cell will be serial and parallel connection to make the solar panel with Mechanical strength, solar array is composed by solar panels, solar panels will be installed on the structure, and connected by cable to produce the rated voltage and current.

2.2 The Warrantee time of Solar Charge controller:2 years, solar charger controller is center of home solar power systems, which will connect with solar panels, loading ,solar battery. solar charge controller is control facility, which will control the home solar power systems with output and input control.

2.3 The Warrantee time of solar battery:2 years, solar battery is storage device in the home solar power systems.

2.4 The Warrantee time of solar inverters: 1years, solar inverters will change the DC power into AC power, and supply the AC power for ac home appliance.

If the products is defect in the warrantee time as above, we will repair it free.if the warrantee time is invalid ,we will supply the onerous service with reasonable price.

3.We will refuse to give the free service as follow situation, but we can give the onerous service .

3.1 the warrantee time is invalid.

3.2 the customers can’t issue the Proof of purchase

3.3 the customer don’t use and repair the products according to the user manual and cause the problem,

3.4 the customers repair and dismantle the products without our permit by self or the person ,who is not certificated by us, repair and dismantle the products

3.5 the customers use the inferior home appliance.

3.6 the failure or damage of product is caused by flood, fire, lightning, earthquakes and other irresistible disaster。

the failure or damage of product is not caused by own reasons.

4.Our technical person will give the solution to the customer soon if the products is defect. if there is quality problems, we will give you the solution method within 48 hours, if the products need be repaired at local, we will dispatch persons for customer within 3 working days.


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